High Voltage TIM

High Voltage TIM

High Voltage TestMate Interface Module

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The Cablescan TestMate Interface Module is the low-cost solution to your wire harness build and test fixtureing applications. Expensive custom fixturing is eliminated by use of simple interchangeable Adapter Cards and a continuous connector interface that mates with any Cablescan tester.

The Interface Module connects to your Cablescan test system through 64-conductor flat ribbon cables to provide an interface of 128 test points. It provides a permanent interface with your tester, and a changeable interface with Adapter Cards. The Interface Module provides durable and reliable connections and quick test setups. A continious connector surface allows end stacking of various-size Adapter Cards along its length. Additional Interface Modules may be used for accomodating larger testers and more harness connectors. The number of pins in each mating connector determines the width of its Adapter Card, thereby maximizing the use of space along the length of the interface connector. This allows more harness connectors to be interfaced using fewer test points.

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