Cablescan was founded in 1969 by Ron Shag as a pioneer developer and producer of equipment in the field of harness assembly aids and continuity testers. Cablescan developed the concept of wire identification through body conductivity that led to the early development and design of continuity testers.

In 1971, the company was purchased by Thomas & Betts, which is a large company that makes electrical connectors, and this enabled the Cablescan to expand its continuity test products line. The product line included simple automatic continuity testers (200 points) to self-programming assembly continuity tester systems to test up to 1024 points.

In 1981, the company was acquired by Eubanks Engineering, the leader in designing and manufacturing wire-processing equipment. For more than 50 years Eubanks has developed easy-to-use automatic wire stripping and cutting equipment, tubing and flat cable and wire harness testers.

Today, Cablescan, Inc., located in Ontario, California provides solutions for testing cables, harnesses, backplanes, printed circuit boards, passive component testing of resistors, and electronic assemblies through direct representation through the United States and Canada. Cablescan’s products are distributed in Europe and other parts of the world through specialized distributors.

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