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Cablescan was founded in 1969 as a pioneer developer and producer of a small line of harness assembly aids and continuity testers.  They afforded electrical manufacturers distinct advantages in assembly and testing efficiency and made true quality control a reality.  Committed to excellence and leadership, the Company has progressively utilized advancing microprocessor and PC technology in upgrading and expanding its product line to meet the requirements of modernization in industry.  An integral part of this commitment has been an effective product support policy based on integrity, promptness, and, above all, customer satisfaction.
In essence, Cablescan products have become recognized as Quality Control tools merging manufacturing with inspection and test.  They impose accuracy and repeatability in the fabrication process, verify them with high-speed testing, produce documentation/history for traceability, and provide program storage for future use and consistency. 
In 1981, in order to further strengthen its position, Cablescan joined the Eubanks Engineering Co., a world leader in wire stripping and marking machines and systems.
Cablescan is located in the Eubanks complex in Ontario, California.   Its facility is arranged, staffed, and equipped for a competitive R&D and manufacturing operation.

Cablescan also can rely on other resources available at Eubanks.


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