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  • Cablescan’s TestRite software enables remote control of Cablescan's microprocessor-based testers (TestMate, Model 64, Model 64x2, Model 128/PC, Model 256/PC, Model 512, and Model 4000C) by external PCs. TestRite is a Windows® Vista/7/8/10/11™ application comprising two programs: TestRite (Editor) and TestPanel. For Series 90 testers, refer to TestRite for Series 90. TestRite (Editor) is a tool for creating, editing, and testing wire list programs. Without a tester connected to the PC, wire lists (continuities) and cross-reference lists (test point labels) can be created by PC keyboard. With a tester connected, a program can be "learned" from a harness by first selecting a LEARN command from TestRite’s tool bar. The wire list can then be saved to disk, or cross-references can be assigned to test points before saving. To simplify operation, all tester-related commands are automatically sent in response to the editing process. This interactive operation during wire list editing greatly reduces and simplifies the programming process. The TestRite (Editor) also provides testing and error list display without leaving the editing process. TestPanel displays a simulated tester front panel on the PC monitor for use during production test. Test programs are selected through a standard Windows opening and loaded into the tester. Once loaded, a simple click on the simulated front panel TEST button initiates a test. Test results are displayed in the simulated tester display window.
  • FEATURES - Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 Application - Interactive Wire List Editor - Cut and Paste Editing - Data Import from Excel - Microsoft Access Data Base Format - Command Button Toolbar - Production Test Interface - Test Results Storage - Browser Interface for displaying HTML, GIF, and JPEG files.


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