PC Controlled High Voltage Testers

  • - Expandable to 512 test points. - Programmable Options/Parameters. - Programmable build methods. - Graphical build instructions. - Component measurement. The Cablescan H8 provide the PC-based power of the larger PC based testers, but in an economical package for users who do not require more than 512 test points. This analyzer is designed to operate under the control of your PC. The Cablescan H8 is a high-voltage system expandable from 64 to 512 test points. This tester is expandable in 64-point increments. This analyzer provide you with all the test and build capabilities of the Cablescan H23, without built-in PC controllers. This analyzer is supplied with software to run on most Windows-based computers, interconnected through their USB or serial ports.  
  • - High-voltage capability - Expandable to 47,104 test points - Programmable Options/Parameters - Programmable build methods - Graphical build instructions - Component measurement - Interconnect expansion cabinets up to 200 feet The Cablescan H23 combines low-voltage solid-state technology with high-voltage relay technology ¾ solid-state devices for testing continuities and components at low voltage; relays for testing high-resistance isolation and high-current continuity. The high-resistance isolation tests are typically used to test the quality of harness insulation material. High-current continuity tests are used to test the quality of harness connections. Since the Cablescan H23 contains all the features of the low voltage Series 90 testers, it can be used as an assembly aid. A high-voltage password lock-out feature has been incorporated for operator protection. The Cablescan H23 has a 23-board High Voltage Expansion Cabinet. It may be ordered with 1 to 23 high-voltage 64-point scanner boards. A fully loaded 23-board cabinet provides 1472 test points.


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